Professional Petro Blender Pump Manufacturer


Sunbo Pump Inc., specially works on design, develops, OEM and manufactures of frac blender pumps. We have types of 14x12 blender pumps, Sunbo design type, and fracking pumps and fluid ends spare parts interchangeable with NOV Mission Magnum XP Pump 14x12x22 and MCM XL 12x14x22 frac pump types.

And more, we also have pumps 12x10x23, 10x8x14,8x6x14, 8x6x11, 6x5x14, 6x5x11, 5x4x14, 4x3x13, 3x2x13. All our blender pumps and pump parts are interchangeable with Mission Magnum I Pump, Mission Sandmaster Pump, MCM 250, 2500 centrifugal pumps, Forum pump, Halco pump.

Sunbo has more than 8 years rich experience in using advanced manufacturing technology and material study, we solve all the problems in casting and machining process, extend the pump service life of handling abrasive slurries with high sand concentration, particularly shale oil and gas fracking operations. And received high manufacture comments from frac pumps buyers in Houston, Texas.

All the fluid ends spare parts(Housing, Impeller, Front Cover and Stuffing Box) are made of high chrome alloy, SA05, ASTM 532 standard, hardness 62HRC.

We are continually working on develop and improve the pump and material design to reach a much more perfect pump performance. In addition to supply whole pump and spare parts, Sunbo performs inspections, repair and testing service. Welcome to contact us, we are always here for you.


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